How instrumental is infrastructure in…giving Hydrogen the green light?

Day 3 of #HydrogenFoT

Day 3: How instrumental is infrastructure in…giving Hydrogen the green light?

The Future of Technology Series is virtually back! We’re taking the Future of Technology Series online to host four days of short webinars looking at hydrogen in transport. 

From Tuesday, 13th of April 2021 to 16th of April 2021, between 10:30 – 12:00 every day, we will be joined by experts to cover a variety of hot topics addressing the role of hydrogen within the transport ecosystem. 

The debate will consider questions including: What are the barriers to adopting hydrogen in transport? Can hydrogen help meet net-zero targets? Will hydrogen fuel cell technologies provide advantages to our mobility systems? 

Join us for the session – How instrumental is infrastructure in…giving Hydrogen the green light? 

During the third webinar of our series, we will explore aspects of the current developments for hydrogen in use by looking at the refueling infrastructure and the costs associated with it to understand better the potential wide-spread adoption of the technology. Do the costs outweigh the benefits? 

We will take a closer look across the transport system at the applications that put the hydrogen technology to use in real life conditions. 


This event is one of four, exploring the opportunities and challenges faced by the automotive industry around the implementation of hydrogen. Join us as we debate with industry experts and discuss key questions around viability, supply, infrastructure and global strategy.

You can also attend the other events in the series:

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