7th December 2022
Future of Technology: Are self-driving vehicles still a fantasy?

Disruptive change in automotive

John Cartledge, Global Business Development Manager at Gaist discusses the importance of disruptive change on technology and why self-driving vehicle’s may be the next disruptor.

About the speaker

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John Cartledge Global Business Development Manager - Gaist
John has spent over 30 years working in the application of geospatial data in numerous markets including 25 years with Ordnance Survey before joining Gaist Solutions Ltd.  Having worked with some the world’s best known geo-platforms like Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft in enabling new services, and working with Mobileye on extracting intelligence from ADAS technology, John has a history in challenging current practices and expectations in geodata application.  Now working for Gaist Solutions Ltd, John is working with automotive technology providers to re-use connected vehicle data to bring new insights to highways management and road safety.