7th December 2022
Future of Technology: Are self-driving vehicles still a fantasy?

Preparing for Autonomous Mobility at TRL’s Smart Mobility Living Lab in London

James Long, Head of Technical Consulting at the Smart Mobility Living Lab: London discusses the research that is needed to prepare for automated cars on our roads.

About the speaker

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James Long Head of Technical Consulting - Smart Mobility Living Lab: London
James is the Head of Technical Consulting for the Smart Mobility Living Lab, supporting clients across the mobility, insurance, energy and public sector to develop, test and validate new mobility solutions in the real world. James was the Solutions Architect for the design and build of the Living lab and was responsible for its technical delivery. Prior to working with SMLL, James has worked across on a wide range of Connected and Automated Mobility programmes, and Intelligent Transport Systems projects covering the design, implementation and appraisal of schemes.