17th March 2022
Supercharging UK strategy: is it enough to go the distance?

How can Hydrogen help decarbonise and build the innovation landscape in Scotland?

 Fiona Landy, Delivery Manager at Hydrogen Accelerator, University of St Andrews, presented the numerous exciting projects which are underway and aiming to decarbonise and build the innovation landscape in Scotland. 

About the speaker

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Fiona Landy Delivery Manager - Hydrogen Accelerator
Prior to joining the Hydrogen Accelerator Fiona led on the Scottish Cities Alliance’s Hydrogen Strategy – ‘Kick Starting a Hydrogen Economy across Scottish Cities’ for over 6 years. Within the programme she led on a number of initiatives for the commercialisation of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and fuel cell electric buses with the European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking JIVE/JIVE2 programme Aberdeen and Dundee City Councils are partners. Fiona continues to support Glasgow City Council with their Fleet Strategy for the decarbonisation of their heavy fleet vehicles utilising hydrogen technologies. Through the Hydrogen Accelerator, Fiona continues to provide support and guidance to the public sector in developing their decarbonisation strategies utilising hydrogen technologies and support opportunities for the development of Scottish supply chains, innovation, skills, job creation and economic development.