17th March 2022
Supercharging UK strategy: is it enough to go the distance?

Panel debate - session 1

The first panel debate session included Rachel Wolf, Jon Hunt, Harsh Pershad and was facilitated by Peter Campbell, Global Motor Industry Correspondent – Financial Times. The discussion focuses on the need for a range of solutions and technologies, alongside an inclusive infrastructure. 

About the speaker

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Rachel Wolf Founding Partner - Public First
Rachel Wolf is a Founding Partner at Public First. Rachel’s career has spanned business, charities, politics and Government. Previously education and innovation adviser to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, she was also co-author of the Conservatives winning 2019 General Election manifesto. She has been Senior Vice President for technology company Amplify in New York City, running one of their main product divisions. She founded and ran the New Schools Network – the charity that helped develop and implement the Government’s free schools programme.