9th February 2024
Farm to Fork: Is there sufficient appetite to drive a sustainable food system?

Food system decarbonisation - land, diet, and technology

James Elliott, Senior Policy Advisor at the Green Alliance, presents the emissions within the agriculture sector and steps needed to reach net zero.

About the speaker

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James Elliott Senior Policy Advisor - Green Alliance
Jim joined Green Alliance in September 2016 and has been a senior policy adviser on the organisation’s natural environment and land use programme since 2020. His work has focussed on a range of issues related to reaching an agricultural and land system compatible with net zero and nature recovery, from the role of natural capital markets to the role and potential of alternative proteins. Some of Green Alliance’s most recent work has been developing a land use model which helps to bound the land use and management choices available within the net zero and nature recovery targets, while highlighting trade-offs inherent in different choices. Some of the lowest cost and highest co-benefit scenarios from his model rely on various emerging technology enablers.