8th February 2024
Farm to Fork: Is there sufficient appetite to drive a sustainable food system?

The future of transport refrigeration

Alastair Gough, Head of Business Development for Sunswap, presents their electric and solar-powered refrigerator lorry and the issues and opportunities they are facing in sustainable deliveries.

About the speaker

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Alastair Gough Head of Business Development - Sunswap
Alastair is an experienced business development and partnerships leader with over 13 years of experience. He is currently the Head of Business Development at Sunswap, zero-emission transport refrigeration technology designed and built in the UK. In his role, Alastair is responsible for commercialising Sunswap’s proprietary battery electric solar-powered refrigeration units, bringing them to market and securing partnerships with manufacturers, fleet operators, and logistics companies. Previously, Alastair held senior partnerships and business development roles at several high-growth technology companies including OLIVER Agency, Lightspeed, Comparison Technologies, and energyhelpline. Alastair has a track record of successfully designing customer propositions, building partnership programs and driving revenue growth.