17th March 2022
Supercharging UK strategy: is it enough to go the distance?

Getting to zero. How to go the distance?

Jon Hunt, Alternative Fuels Manager at Toyota (GB), shows that there are multiple solutions to decarbonising transport and the need for a resilient energy supply. 

About the speaker

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Jon Hunt Alternative Fuels Manager - Toyota
Jon Hunt is the Manager of Alternative Fuels at Toyota GB and has worked in the automotive industry for over 30 years, 28 of which have been in a variety of sales and marketing roles in the UK and the European head office for both the Toyota and Lexus Brands. Since 2014 Jon has been responsible for the commercialisation of the Toyota hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) programme in the UK and has helped to shape the wider nascent market and infrastructure provision.  He sold and delivered the first Mirai FCEV outside Japan in September 2015 and in the UK, he has sold more than 200 of them. Toyota is now selling its second generation fuel cell passenger car and has diversified its fuel cell and hydrogen applications, now available in the Toyota Caetano FCEV bus, the Toyota Material Handling forklift and heavy duty trucks in the US and Japan. Toyota is also selling fuel cell modules which are suitable for any transport application including maritime and rail as well as for stationary power to third parties. Regularly involved in presenting and discussing the wider adoption of low emission technology Jon is the Chair of the Society of Motor Manufacturers Hydrogen Fuel Cell Task Force and from 2017 Jon has been recognised every year in the top 20 of the Green Fleet Top 100 most influential list and was also awarded Alternative Fuel Champion in 2020.