7th February 2024
Farm to Fork: Is there sufficient appetite to drive a sustainable food system?

Panel debate - session 1 - Farm to Fork

The first panel debate session included Kit Franklin, Alistair Walshaw, Chris Mann, Mercedes Torres Torres, Vidyanath Gururajan and was facilitated by Dr Tim Fox. The discussion focuses on the next steps and hurdles to facilitate more innovation in the agriculture sector.

About the speaker

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Dr Mercedes Torres Torres Head of Machine Learning - B-hive Innovations
Dr Mercedes Torres Torres is Head of Machine Learning at B-Hive Innovations, an R&D company providing innovative solutions for the fresh produce industry. In her role at B-Hive Innovations, Mercedes led the team developing HarvestEye2.0, an innovative agri-tech solution using computer vision and machine learning to interpret high-volume data from cameras to detect and size potatoes and onions directly on the harvester. She has worked on commercially and public-funded projects delivering machine learning solutions in healthcare and agriculture, and has successfully collaborated with industry and academia. She received her PhD in Computer Vision at the University of Nottingham in 2014