7th February 2024
Farm to Fork: Is there sufficient appetite to drive a sustainable food system?

How will AI transform the sustainability of food production?

Vidyanath Gururajan, Managing Director of B-hive Innovations and Mercedes Torres Torres, Head of Machine Learning at B-hive Innovations discuss innovative technology being applied to the potato farming industry.

About the speaker

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Vidyanath Gururajan Managing Director - B-hive Innovations
Vidyanath (Vee) Gururajan is an innovator and co-inventor with 18 years’ experience in the fresh produce industry. Vee is Managing Director of a group of three agri-tech companies; B-hive Innovations Limited, HarvestEye Limited and RootExtracts Limited. Until recently, Vee has also served on the Executive Board of Branston Limited, one of the largest retail potato packers in the UK.