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29th March 2018
Tailpipe dreams - what is a sustainable vehicle?

The potential impact of future regulation on low emission vehicles

‘To plagiarise and adapt Benjamin Franklin’s well-known saying, there are three certainties in life; death, taxes and climate change. Regulations and taxation can drive the innovation which can obtain sustainable automotive. They can give us long-term benefits, not short-term pain’. – Andy Eastlake

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Andy Eastlake Managing Director, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
Andy Eastlake was appointed LowCVP ’s Managing Director in April 2012, after serving both on the board and for many years as Chair of the Members Council. Andy has a strong background in vehicle engineering, specialising in powertrain developments, fuel efficiency and emissions. As MD he has been closely involved in the design and implementation of the latest testing and accreditation schemes for a variety of vehicles, including buses and HGVs and most recently leading the work on retrofit emissions technology accreditation. Andy and the LowCVP have a key role supporting DfT, DEFRA and OLEV in stimulating the uptake of low carbon and low emission technologies and fuels across all vehicle sectors, to deliver the long term transport strategy. Andy is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.