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29th March 2018
Tailpipe dreams - what is a sustainable vehicle?

End of life automotive batteries

‘We can’t just look at recycling current batteries from our electric vehicles, we need to design future batteries with recycling and the environment in mind’ – Prof. Dave Greenwood

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Prof. Dave Greenwood Professor of Advanced Propulsion Systems, University of Warwick
Professor David Greenwood leads the Advanced Propulsion Systems team at WMG which covers a wide remit of related areas within Energy Storage (Battery Systems); Energy Conversion (Electric Machines; Power Electronics); and Energy Management. He leads WMG’s activities as the Advanced Propulsion Centre’s Electrical Energy Storage Spoke, and also provides academic leadership for the development of R&D activities within the National Automotive Innovation Centre. Professor Greenwood is a Board Member at the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP ) and a member of the Automotive Council Technology Group. He is also a member of the EP SRC ’s Energy Scientific Advisory Committee and the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC ) Advisory Board. Professor Greenwood joined WMG in 2014 from Ricardo UK Ltd where he was Head of Hybrid and Electric Systems, leading advanced technology projects in passenger cars, defence, motorsport and the clean energy markets. Strategic projects at Ricardo included the preparation of automotive industry technology roadmaps and research priorities for the NAIGT (New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team), TSB and Automotive Council.