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29th March 2018
Tailpipe dreams - what is a sustainable vehicle?

Accelerating our ambition: eliminating petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030

‘Banning petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 could reduce tailpipe nitrogen oxide emissions by 30%’ – James Beard

About the speaker

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James Beard Climate and Energy Policy Specialist, WWF
James Beard is a climate and energy policy specialist, focusing on the transition to sustainable transport. James has covered a range of policy areas in his three years at WWF. At a global level, James represented WWF in the UN negotiations on a carbon trading mechanism for aviation and coordinated WWF’s transport activities at COP 24. At a national level, James has worked on reforms to UK biofuels policy and is currently focused on accelerating the transition away from petrol and diesel vehicles towards a zero emission future. James has previously worked for the UK Renewable Energy Association and holds an MSc in Environmental Policy from Oxford University.