13th September 2018
Tailpipe dreams - what is a sustainable vehicle?

The challenges and opportunities of liquid biofuels

Dr Katie Chong is from the European Bioenergy Research Institute at Aston University, a growing demonstrator site for district energy systems and smart-grid applications. Katie explains how we can convert the rubbish we put in bin bags to valuable liquid biofuels.

About the speaker

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Dr Katie Chong Research Associate, Aston University
Dr Katie Chong is a lecturer in chemical engineering at Aston University and works within the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI). Katie has significant industrial experience having worked in the paper industry, oil and gas industry and as a bioenergy consultant, involved in the design and build of pilot-scale pyrolysis plants. Katie’s research is focussed on the thermochemical conversion of biomass and techno-economic biorefinery evaluation. Katie has published a number of publications in these fields.