3rd April 2019
How low can you go?

On the road to no roads

Cars are a symbol of freedom, we all remember our first cars as young adults. However, billions of pounds of investment into infrastructure is needed to support that freedom. If you want to go from A to B, you hope there is a road to take you there.
So what happens when there’s no infrastructure at all? How will technology help us on the journey to no roads?

About the speaker

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Oriol Badia CEO, Malloy Aeronautics
Oriol Badia is an aeronautical engineer, MBA and entrepreneur. His experience at Seat S.A. and Airbus Defence and Space made him realise the need for innovation in long-established industries. In 2015 he joined a small team of innovators in Barcelona to co-found Unblur – a startup focused on helping first responders manage emergencies with the use of drones, wearables, IoT and AI. Oriol is currently the CEO of Malloy Aeronautics, focussing on the future of logistics and low-level aerial transportation.