3rd April 2019
How low can you go?

Heavy duty powertrains: what is the best energy source?

Professor Colin Garner, Loughborough University, takes us on a journey through the different energy sources suitable for heavy duty vehicles. From batteries to flux capacitors – which technologies will we see in the future?

About the speaker

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Prof. Colin Garner Professor of Applied Thermodynamics, Loughborough University
Colin has held over 40 successful government and industrial grants for engine research covering in-cylinder flow and combustion, fuel injection and advanced engine emissions after-treatment systems. Colin’s research has received several international prizes, including from the SAE and IMechE. He is engaged with major international engine and vehicle companies and the Automotive Council, and has served as an academic adviser to the Energy Technologies Institute Heavy Duty Vehicle Strategy Action Group. Colin is also the technical director of the Caterpillar Innovation and Research Centre and a non-executive director of the Advanced Propulsion Centre. From 2005 to 2017 he was the Editor-in-Chief of Proc. IMechE: Journal of Automobile Engineering . Colin is a also a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.