3rd April 2019
How low can you go?

A messy solution to a messy problem

Can combustion ever be clean?

There are two challenges we need to address if internal combustion engines can have a place in addressing the carbon challenge.
Oxide and nitrogen emissions – we can solve that problem and it’s all down to chemistry. The chemistry is already there to reduce emissions.
How can we cut the carbon emissions? The good news is we already have the answer.

About the speaker

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Dr Robert Morgan Spoke Lead, APC Thermal Efficiency Spoke, University of Brighton
Rob is a the Deputy Head of the Advanced Engineering Centre at the university of Brighton and leads the APC Internal Combustion Engine – Thermal Efficiency Spoke.  He joined Brighton in 2012 after 20 years in industry working in automotive, fuel cells and grid scale energy storage industries.  His research interest include sustainable high efficiency thermal propulsion and thermo – mechanical energy storage.