3rd April 2019
How low can you go?

Can eTrucks help to achieve climate goals?

Good enough now is better than perfect later on. We face an urgent problem – we’ve already lost the battle for 1.5 degrees Celsius warming. The battle for 2 degrees is now on. Reducing emissions from freight is the low hanging fruit that we can target now. Electrify all rigids by 2030, and UK road freight meets or exceeds targets.

About the speaker

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David Thackray Director of Marketing, Tevva Motors
David’s first career was as a fifth-generation haulage contractor, with an unbroken family tradition stretching back to the 1880’s. By the time David joined Tevva, he had added, market research, market strategy, B2B sales and an MBA to his experience in road transport, encompassing heavy long-distance operations and overnight courier services. David has broad experience and knowledge of the real-world issues facing fleet and transport managers; the technical challenges and opportunities around electrifying freight vehicles and the political and environmental concerns that are driving the ULEV revolution that is presently underway.