3rd April 2019
How low can you go?

Making waves: from automotive to marine

There is an argument to be made for the electrification of ships, the first diesel-electric river tanker came on the water in 1903. However, there is currently little to no financial incentives or regulation on emissions from shipping. We need regulations on all forms of transport – not just automotive.

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Luke Gear Technology Analyst, IDTechEX
Luke Gear is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx where his areas of research include electric vehicles, energy storage and related technologies. Luke holds a Master of Physics from the University of Bath. Before joining IDTechEx, luke’s interest for renewable and sustainable energy began with his Master’s research placement at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy.  Luke then went on to complete an internship at Bloomberg new Energy Finance, where he published a report and datasets on policy drivers for behind-the-meter energy storage.