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29th March 2018
Tailpipe dreams - what is a sustainable vehicle?

How can we optimise energy consumption when the vehicle is in use?

‘Research into driver behaviour for more sustainable driving doesn’t just help reduce tailpipe emissions in our current vehicles, but can help boost range in electric vehicles which is equally as important’. – Dr. Robert Wragge-Morley

About the speaker

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Dr. Robert Wragge-Morley Research Associate, University of Bath
Dr. Wragge-Morley received his Ph.D. from the University of Bristol. He has experience working on energy optimisation for hybrid and electric vehicles in both an academic and industrial context, including design around the often juxtaposing consumer expectations of performance and emissions. His current work within the Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre at the University of Bath spans both the engineering and human factors aspects of emissions reduction, seeking to develop an improved understanding of the links between driver behaviour and vehicle emissions. The outcome of this work will be the design of in-vehicle systems to assist drivers in reducing tailpipe emissions with minimal impact on driver satisfaction.