19th April 2018
Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Energy

What does the future hold for the transport industry?

We have no language for tomorrow’s technology. Where there is no language, there can be no complex thought. That makes it very difficult to consider new concepts when they first arrive, and to communicate with each other across silos of specialisms. For example, the train was named an iron horse. It takes time to develop this vocabulary.

How can we predict what the future holds for the transport industry and make steps towards positive change?

About the speaker

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Ray Hammond Futurist
Ray Hammond is Europe’s most experienced futurist and keynote speaker on future topics. For over 35 years Ray has been writing and speaking about the trends that will shape the future. His long record of accurate foresight is unique in Europe and he is now living in the future he first described 30 years ago. In 2010 former President Mikhail Gobachev presented Ray with a U.N. Gold Medal for Services to Futurology.