19th April 2018
Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Energy

Electric vehicles and the energy system

‘Every day in the UK, more than 124 million litres of road fuel is consumed. If you assume that in the future, this liquid fuel will need to be translated into electric fuel to drive our vehicles, you can see the scale of the challenge we are facing.’

About the speaker

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Tom Pakenham Director of Electric Vehicles, OVO Energy
Tom Pakenham is Director of the Electric Vehicles division at OVO . Since joining OVO in January 2017, he has been instrumental in the transition of OVO from a pure kWh retail business into a diversified energy services company, leading the move into the electric vehicles market with the launch of the EV Everywhere energy bundle and ongoing development of smart-charging customer propositions. In 2017 Tom oversaw OVO ’s strategic partnership with Chargemaster, the UK’s biggest provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, along with investments into electric vehicle charge point installer, ChargedEV and Indra Renewable Technologies, providers of electric vehicle components and services. Prior to joining OVO , Tom founded greentomatocars in 2006 – the world’s first low emission taxi company, which he sold to global transport conglomerate Transdev. After selling greentomatocars, Tom launched greentomatoenergy (an energy efficiency and micro renewables business) which was acquired by a private equity firm in 2013. After this, Tom led the Business Development and Innovation team at Transdev Plc.