19th May 2020
Simulations: would you trust them with your life?

What if we could trust simulations with our lives?

‘Simulation is an absolutely core enabling technology, not just in engineering and development but in all of the other stages around that. That let you develop and deploy the right solutions in the right places at the right time to do so in a cost effective, safe and profitable (hopefully) way.’ Robin North

About the speaker

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Robin North CEO of Immense Simulations Ltd.
Dr Robin North, is the CEO and Co-Founder at Immense; with 18 years' experience working in the Transport industry. Robin started his career at Imperial College London moving from doctoral research through to a Lectureship in Transport and the Environment; establishing the Intelligent Infrastructure and Transport Systems Laboratory.   In 2016 Robin went on to co-found Immense where he has led the company from concept development through to establishing early products in market.