20th May 2020
Machine Learning or Learning From Machines?

How can AI help us reach universal autonomy?

‘We have got a problem. We can’t wait forever to wait for the tricky events to come up. Rare events are rare. It’s the rare events that will catch us out but we can’t wait around forever waiting for a rare thing to happen because it’s rare.’ – Professor Paul Newman.

Listen to find out some possible solutions.

About the speaker

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Professor Paul Newman Founder & CTO - Oxbotica
Paul Newman is Co-Founder & CTO at Oxbotica, the universal autonomy software company. He creates and leads teams building the technology that will drive the next generation of autonomous vehicles. His pioneering approach to autonomy is being successfully harnessed for real-world application at Oxbotica – on roads in four continents, down mines, across warehouses and around airports. With a global reputation as a creator and innovator of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, Paul is also BP Professor of Information Engineering at the University of Oxford, and Founder & Director of Oxford Robotics Institute.